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Intellectual Property Value Maximization Process


Our unique IP VaMP™ process focuses on our client's dreams for a better, higher growth future, and then provides a tailored path forward. IP VaMP™ helps our clients by:

  • Identifying a growth capital or M&A partner that helps break through the Entrepreneurial Plateau™

  • Surrounding their products or services with the right tools and resources to ensure faster growth and entry into new markets

IP VaMP™ Benefits

IP VaMP™ brings business owners closer to their vision by focusing on identifying partners or working directly with them to enhance value through access to Brands, Balance Sheets, and Cash.



Association with an industry partner or investor with strong brand equity facilitates sales and attracts higher quality talent.


Balance sheet strength enhances credibility with Tier 1 customers and increases working capita flexibility.


Strategic maneuverability and operational freedom comes with stronger cash positions.

 IP VAMP™ Advisory

Our multi-stage consulting practice strives to help businesses create the strongest and most defensible Core IP Experience™. This experience monopoly will retain existing and attract new customers who are willing to pay more for the business’s product or service expertise.


Protect and Expand

Take the Core IP Experience™ of a business, protect it with patent filings or service delivery, then expand it to make the experience robust, complete and as value-added as possible.

Key Benefits:

  • Better understanding of your unique offerings

  • Precision focus on creating an unfair advantage


Bloom the Clover™

Take the Core IP Experience™ to other industries and/or ensure that the experience does not have any inhibiting features that would prevent it from expanding beyond a limited audience.

Key Benefits:

  • Positioning the business to capture opportunities across multiple industries or segments

  • Maximizing reach


Socialize, Monetize, and Defend

Socialize our clients with potential strategic and financial partners, create monetization relationships, and develop a defensible minefield against copy cats.

Key Benefits:

  • New value-added industry relationships

  • Monetization activities that enhance the value of the business


IP VAMP™ Transactions

IP VAMP™ Transactions helps a business raise capital, identify an M&A partner to buy the company, or create and execute a market acquisition strategy. Whether raising capital or working on M&A activities, our focus on the Core IP Experience™ will ensure that the firm will be seen as a promising investment or partnership opportunity. Our comprehensive process ensures that the business owner’s future vision is always in our focus.